Freeze your reservations for your holiday

Your can freeze your own reservations for the duration of your holiday or other absences. You can unfreeze your reservation at any time. During the freeze, your reservation will proceed in the queue normally, but it will not be delivered to you until you have unfrozen it.

How to freeze your reservation:

Log in to ‘My account’ and select ‘Holds’. Check the ‘Freeze’ box and click on the ‘Update list’ button.

The following dialog box will appear: ‘The following hold(s) will be updated. Would you like to proceed?’ Select ‘Yes’.

Unfreeze the holds by unchecking the ‘Freeze’ box and saving the changes in the same way you did when freezing the reservations.

A reservation cannot be frozen if it is already waiting to be picked up at the library, on its way to you from another library or available on the shelf at another library.

You can also cancel your reservation at any time.

Photo: Helsinki City Library