Helmet Music Challenge 2023

Since 2015, the Helmet Reading Challenge has inspired people to find something new and interesting to read and to share it with others. In 2018, music lovers were also invited to look for new listening experiences, both independently and with others. 

It is now time for a new Music Challenge. We present to you 50 new ways to select what to listen to from the abundant world of music.

Here we go again, come along!

What is the Music Challenge?

The year-long Music Challenge encourages you to listen to 50 songs, compositions, releases, albums or compilations that you have never heard before.

For whom?

The Music Challenge is suitable for anyone, and everyone can tackle it in their own way, either by staying safely in their comfort zone or by heading bravely into uncharted territories. You can also complement the Challenge with concerts and gigs. The challenge is an excellent way to update your musical knowledge, gain new experiences, test or broaden your tastes and to simply enjoy music!


Just like in the Reading Challenge, you can listen to new music at your own pace but you can also follow the given order week by week. The library staff will also give listening tips in the Music Challenge group on Facebook. Join the group to share your listening experiences and chat with other Music Challenge participants! 

Start diving for musical pearls! Find the pleasure of listening, throw yourself into the world of music, take up the Music Challenge!

Helmet Music Challenge 2023

  1. Music from the year you were born 
  2. A song about a historical event 
  3. The original version of a song that has been translated into Finnish 
  4. Melodeath music 
  5. Music by an artist whose name begins with a “P” 
  6. A Luova Records release 
  7. A song that mentions an inventor or scientist 
  8. Your parents’ or friend’s favourite music 
  9. Freeform music 
  10. A song whose lyrics feature someone making a phone call 
  11. Music from a film based on a book 
  12. A song with a month in the title 
  13. A song whose lyrics mention a clock or the passage of time 
  14. Music by a band formed in 1973 or earlier 
  15. Music from a computer or video game 
  16. Rai music from Algeria 
  17. Music by a member of the Finnish Tatar population 
  18. The same symphony conducted by two different conductors 
  19. A song competing in the Eurovision Song Contest or UMK in 2023 
  20. Norwegian jazz 
  21. A Bob Dylan song performed by a woman 
  22. Music from a country you have visited or would like to visit 
  23. Music by a Finnish gospel artist 
  24. Music by a musician whose biography you have read or would like to read 
  25. Music in performed in the Luxembourgish language 
  26. Music by a band performing at the TUSKA 2023 festival 
  27. Music composed by artificial intelligence 
  28. Songs in the Hmong language 
  29. A song performed by a child and a parent or grandparent together 
  30. Music by a wind quartet 
  31. Music with percussion instruments only 
  32. Ska music from Jamaica 
  33. A soundtrack from 1973 
  34. Music for plants 
  35. Music performed by means other than singing or musical instruments 
  36. Music by a musician living in your birthplace or hometown 
  37. A Helmi Levyt release 
  38. Songs in a language you would like to learn 
  39. Music with an electric violin 
  40. A song performed by an artist aged over 80 
  41. A song that quotes another song 
  42. Find as many songs with the same theme in different genres as possible 
  43. A song whose title includes the name of a country or continent 
  44. All Saints’ Day or Halloween-themed music 
  45. Film music composed by Ennio Morricone in the 1980s 
  46. An opera or ballet performance at medici.tv or oopperabaletti.fi/stage24 
  47. A song with music or lyrics written by a child 
  48. Music from an album released in 2023 
  49. Music played with a jouhikko (bowed lyre) or five-string kantele 
  50. Happy Christmas carols composed by Finns 

A printable version of the Music Challenge (PDF)

Music Challenge in other languages 

Helmet Music Challenge in Finnish

Helmet Music Challenge in Swedish

Helmet Music Challenge in Russian 

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