Kirjasto 10:n julkisivu Postitalossa

Library 10 is permanently closing on 30.9.2018

Library 10 is closing at the end of September. Its services will relocate to the Central Library Oodi opening in December. If you normally pick-up your reserved items at Library 10, it is recommended that you change the pick-up location to another library.

Library 10, located in the Main Post Office building, will close on September 30, 2018. Services such as the urban workshop, music studios, and meeting rooms will relocate to the Central Library Oodi, which is scheduled to open in December 2018. Library 10's collections, with the exception of music recordings, will also relocate to Oodi. CDs and LPs will be transferred to Pasila library at the beginning of October.

Change the pick-up location for reserved items

September 16 will be the last day that Library 10 can be selected as the pick-up location for reserved items. You can change the pick-up location for your other reserved items by signing in to your account. Staff members can assist with any questions.

Reserved items that have not been picked up from Library 10 will be transferred to the Töölö library on October 1st.

Library 10 thanks all its great customers through the years!

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