The 2017 Helmet Reading Challenge for Young Readers

A good reader is a good communicator. When you’ve explored language, you are able to use it.

A skillful reader cannot be fooled. You’re capable of picking up the nuances and understanding the writer. You can dive into the story and experience the world as someone else. But you are also able to read critically and know how to search for reliable information.

To become a good reader, you need to read. And read and read and read. But the great thing is, you can choose your own reading and make sure it’s enjoyable.

Ready, set, read!

The 2017 Helmet Reading Challenge for Young Readers is a great starting point for discovering new titles. There are no rules, but feel free to make your own with a friend or your school class. Challenge another class or an entire school, or even better, challenge your parents!

Audiobooks are as good as paper books, so choose whichever suits you best.

You can also have a peep at the English Reading Diplomas, found here. They give you suggestions and direct links to chase down the titles.

Ask your teacher or the librarian, roam the libraries, surf for suggestions. And when you find something good, make sure you recommend it to those who you challenged.

Finland is partying with books

Did you know it’s Finland’s 100th birthday this year? Excellent literacy skills are something of a national treasure and what a better way to celebrate than by reading.

This list is a shorter version of the original Helmet Reading Challenge, with some extras. How about finding a title which was originally published in your year of birth (#22)? Or hunt down a book that you can read in a day (#23). And what could be better than reading the same book as your friend (#24)?

The 2017 Helmet Reading Challenge for Young Readers

1. A book with a beautiful title

2. A Finnish classic

3. The story is set in nature 

4. The story is set in Finland or is connected to Finnish history

5. The cover is tempting

6. The back cover made you choose the title

7. The book is about a hobby or the characters have a hobby

8. The cover has blue and white on it

9. The title has a minimum of four words

10. An illustrated book

11. A crime is solved in this book

12. The book is by an author you’ve never read before

13. The main character can do something you would like to learn

14. The title has an emotion in it

15. A fantasy book

16. The book is set in a time before you

17. The title contains the name of a person or a place

18. The author or the main character has a different cultural background to yours

19. There’s an animal in the book

20. The book was published in 2017

21. The book was recommended by a librarian or teacher

22. The book was published the year you were born

23. A book you can read in a day

24. A book you read together with a friend

25. Make this one up!

(Printable Challenge)

Text: Marjukka Peltonen, Tapiola library, Ira Cottier, Opinmäki library

Illustrations: Jukka Lemmetty