The library is encouraging people to become activists 

Come and make a difference together with the library and organisations! Knowledge increases our understanding of the ecological crisis, but to bring about real change, we also need action.  

Library Encourages Activism is a Helmet libraries campaign to encourage people to take environmental action with an activist diploma.   

The activist diploma is meant to offer inspiration as we explore different ways of taking action and making a difference. You can complete the challenges anyway you wish and in the order that suits you. Let’s take action together! 

Activist diploma

How to participate in the campaign

Organisations and groups involved in the campaign

Activist diploma  

  1. Read or listen to an eco-themed fiction and non-fiction book. 
  2. Participate in an eco-themed activity or event at the library.
  3. Start a conversation about an environmental issue that is important to you. 
  4. Make a difference through your lifestyle: create a new routine.
  5. Keep track of how environmental issues are treated in the media.    
  6. Ask a member of parliament or a local councillor what they intend to do to prevent the loss of biodiversity.    
  7. Participate in an environmental campaign or sign a petition or a citizens’ initiative.   
  8. Take part in an activity or event held by a non-governmental organisation.   
  9. Participate in an environmental demonstration. 
  10. Enjoy the forest! 

How to participate in the campaign  

You can download or print a diploma to fill out or get one from the library.   

Let people know you are involved: discuss environmental issues with your family and friends and use the hashtags #AktivistiDiplomi and #KirjastostaAktivistiksi in social media. 

In social media, you can also tell about your participation in the campaign with this picture.

Organisations and groups involved in the campaign

Check out the websites and social media channels of the associations involved and take part in activities that interest you. The associations are listed in alphabetical order. 


Dodo ry

Eettisen kaupan puolesta – Eetti ry 

Elokapina, Extinction Rebellion Finland   

Greenpeace Suomi   

Helsingin luonnonsuojeluyhdistys  

Hiilivapaa Suomi 



Maan ystävät ja Helsingin seudun Maan ystävät

Meidän metsämme   


PSLifestyle-hanke / Sitra   

WWF Suomi  

Zero Waste Finland   

Download or print an activist diploma here.  

Read more about the Library encourages activism campaign. 

– Follow us on social media and participate. 

Picture: Marja Hautala / Helmet 
Activist diploma: Siiri Heikkilä / Luonto-Liitto