Helmet Film Challenge 2022

The Film Challenge invites and challenges you to broaden your horizons and to look for new experiences on film: the classics, cult favorites – or perhaps, the films that you have been meaning to watch for a long time.

The Film Challenge is a playful and joyful watching project where you choose films to watch from the list of 50 different subjects. Anyone can take part. You can proceed at your own pace or you can follow the given order week by week. You can re-watch your favorite film, or you can step out of your comfort zone and exposure yourself to something new and unfamiliar – it’s up to you!

The Film Challenge is about sharing. It’s more fun to tackle the watching project with other people and you are heartily encouraged to ask your friends to join the Helmet Film Challenge Facebook group where you can talk about the most intense, bizarre, and gripping films you watch during the year. Mind you, the discussions are mostly in Finnish, but you can also start one in English.

Having problems of finding suitable films for the challenge? Go visit your library or check the Film Challenge Facebook group. The library staff or other participants will help you.

Let the movies move you – take up the Film Challenge!

Helmet Film Challenge 2022 

  1. A film starring a person born in 1922
  2. A film featuring outdated technology
  3. A film supported by the Finnish Film Foundation
  4. A film featuring time travel
  5. A film with a lead actor whose first language is not the language spoken in the film
  6. A film featuring travel by ship
  7. A 1990s blockbuster
  8. A film featuring a bird
  9. A film with a title that includes a number (not a sequel number)
  10. A film taking place in a destination where you would like to travel
  11. A police film
  12. A film with a post-credits scene
  13. A film where you consider the plot to be of minor importance
  14. A remake film
  15. A film featured in Helena Ylänen’s book ‘Sata parasta elokuvaa ja kymmenen kehnoa kaupan päälle’
  16. A film featuring life of luxury
  17. A film that is not available in any of the streaming services you are currently using
  18. A Golden Lion winner
  19. A film combining various genres
  20. A film featuring survival in nature
  21. A film set in Venice
  22. An Eastern European film
  23. A film starring a well-known musician
  24. A film that was a financial flop
  25. A film featuring a rainbow family
  26. A Latin American film
  27. A film with a three-lettered title
  28. A film based on a Stephen King novel
  29. A film set in an amusement park
  30. A film that has been awarded for its costume design
  31. A French animation film
  32. A film featuring a funeral
  33. A film featuring music composed by Philip Glass
  34. A film told from a child’s perspective
  35. A directorial debut
  36. A film featuring piano playing
  37. A film starring Melissa McCarthy
  38. A film that is based on a play
  39. A film set in the restaurant industry
  40. A film featuring a character whose name is never revealed
  41. A film about homelessness
  42. A parody
  43. A film that includes kissing in the rain
  44. A vampire film
  45. A film where a sense, or lack of a sense, plays a central role
  46. A film set at a camp
  47. A mumblecore/mumblegore film
  48. A film featuring a work of art
  49. A film recommended by library staff
  50. A film released in 2022

A printable version of the film challenge (PDF) 

Facebook group (discussion mostly in Finnish) 

Helmet Film Challenge in other languages:

In Finnish: Helmet-elokuvahaaste

In Swedish: Helmets filmutmaning 

In Russian: Киновызов Helmet  

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