Kirjaveivi - a podcast from the Helmet Library

Kirjaveivi is a podcast from the Helmet library, where the services and content offered by the library are opened in a listener-friendly way.

In Kirjaveivi, two people surrender to a discussion and debate in a casual but meaningful chatter, one of whom has in-depth knowledge of a topic. The other is a curious layman who directs the discussion with his questions.

You can listen to Kirjaveivi in Soundcloud with a browser or application. Episodes can also be found on the Apple Podcast.

Links to episodes will be updated in this article as they appear.


1. Kauhupelit. Discussion with Jussi Nevalainen and Jaakko Snicker. 

2. Fantasiakirjallisuus. Discussion with Annika Ilmola and Sini Helminen. 

3. Nikola Tesla. Librarian Jussi Nevalainen and author Miki Liukkonen discuss inventor Nikola Tesla on the basis of Liukkonen's O-novel (2017).

4. Suoratoisto vs musiikkiäänite. Annika Ilmola listens to her music online. Anssi Koskipuro has been collecting records since the 1970s. Why do music recordings hold their own in the era of streaming?

5. Manga. Jussi Nevalainen and Kontula Library's manga expert Joonas Laitinen discuss manga and give reading tips.

6. Rakkausromaanit. Oodi’s information specialists Riikka Leskinen and Samu Eeve define the love genre and discuss the reasons for the popularity of romantic literature.

7. Ilmastoteot. Elina Suikanen interviews non-fiction writer and climate activist Rinna Saramäki from her book 250 Climate Actions to Save the World. 

8. Tähtien sota. Toni Kettinen talks to Tero Nummela, who has been a fan of Star Wars since he was a child.

9. Mulkerot 1. Paula Laaksonen and Tero Nummela from Oodi talk about jerks in history. First episode of evil minds.

10. Mulkerot 2. Paula Laaksonen and Tero Nummela from Oodi talk about jerks in art. Second episode of evil minds.

11. Heppakirjat. Eeva Rita-Kasari and Olga Nuuttila Oodi discuss their relationship to horse books.