Library offers you several online language courses

Helmet libraries offer you dozens of online language courses in four different e-services. You can improve your present language skills or learn a new language.

To access the language courses you will need a computer, tablet or smart phone as well as your library card and PIN code. Check out the detailed technical requirements from each service’s own website, as some of the courses only work on computers. You will also need headphones, if your computer does not have loudspeakers.

You can explore the course and language selection by browsing the services’ pages. Underneath is a short description of the online language courses provided by each e-service.


Ellibs e-library offers a few Lingonet’s online language courses for studying English and Swedish, also for kids. The support language for the courses is Finnish. Studying is based on learning by listening, and the courses also include interactive exercises.

Ellibs' language courses work on computers and tablets. You will find them by selecting Online resource from the Format drop-down menu. You can also find the courses through the Helmet search by making a search using the word Lingonet. You can further refine your search by selecting E-materials from the Format category.

The loan period for the courses is 14 days. Each course has a few simultaneous user licenses and, if the course is not immediately available, you can reserve it.

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Naxos Spoken Word Library

Naxos Spoken Word Library contains dozens of language courses in e-audiobook format. You will find the courses by selecting the Language category.

The service works on computers, tablets, and smartphones in a browser. On iOS devices you can also use the NSWL mobile app.

The content in NSWL varies somewhat. The library cannot influence the collection, since we buy the content as a whole.

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OverDrive e-library has a large collection of e-books and audiobooks for language learning. The collection is growing gradually. As a rule, there is one license per item, but you can make a reservation if the item is not available.

E-books and audiobooks work on computers, tablets and smartphones. The easiest way to listen or read the study materials is in your device’s browser or in the Libby app. If you want to download the materials to your own device but have not done so previously with OverDrive e-books, we recommend that you read the instructions on Helmet’s E-library page.

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In the Promentor service, you can study eight different languages in dozens of different courses. The languages are English, Spanish, Swedish, German, Finnish, Russian, Italian and French. The courses include exercises and tests. 1-5 users can be logged in simultaneously for each course. The loan period for each course is one week.

Online courses work on computers, tablets and smartphones. Before you start studying, update your browser to the latest version.

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Text: Laura Kärpijoki

Translation: Tuija Kalke

Photo: Helsinki City Library