Summer 2023 reading campaigns for children and young people

Summertime is reading time! The children’s reading campaign features Reading Gang’s (Lukujengi) adventures on a Ferris Wheel of Reading (Lukumaailmanpyörä). The 2023 What to Read? (Mitä lukis? 2023) campaign provides reading tips for young people on social media.

Collect Reading Gang characters in the children’s summer reading campaign

The Reading Gang and the Ferris Wheel of Reading are part of the libraries’ summer 2023 reading campaign for families and children.

Visit your library to apply for a campaign pass, borrow books and collect Reading Gang characters in your pass.  

The Reading Gang includes Kirppu the Sheep, Sylvi the Dog, Mato the Snake, Moona the Pony and Touho the Cat. Each time you borrow a book, the library will give you one of the Reading Gang characters to add to your campaign pass. 

The library also provides a book tips list for summer reading. The book tip lists are available in Finnish, Swedish, English, Estonian, Russian, Arabic, North Sami and Ukrainian. You can download campaign passes and book tips also in the website.

The Reading Gang is designed by the Seinäjoki City Library with a national special educational task of library services to promote reading for children and young people.

Youth reading campaign What to Read? on social media

The 2023 What to Read? campaign will share reading tips on TikTok and Instagram during the summer. Young people can also give each other tips about their favourite books by filling out tips notes in libraries. 

During the campaign, Lukufiilis’ editorial board will make tips videos available in TikTok @lukufiilismedia and with the hashtag #mitälukis2023. The videos will also be published on Lukufiilis’ Instagram @lukufiilis.

What to Read? is a collaborative effort by the Seinäjoki City Library and Lukufiilis by the Finnish Reading Centre.