The Litlle Helmet Film Challenge 2021

Having a hard time picking a movie to watch tonight? Do you always end up watching the same ones? The Little Helmet Film Challenge is there to brighten your day and help you discover new experiences.

Press play and bring out the popcorn!

The Film Challenge encourages you to watch 25 films in 2021 that match the ideas listed below. Alternatively, you can make up your own rules! What is your goal? Tackle the challenge in the way you want or write your own rules with your classmates or your family. Challenge your parents or another class at school.

A Film Challenge for the whole family

The Helmet Film Challenge was launched last year. This year, we decided to launch the Little Film Challenge to complement the existing challenges. It is intended for children and young people, families, classrooms and adults who would like to take on a shorter Film Challenge. The Little Helmet Film Challenge promotes audiovisual literacy and introduces audiences of all ages to worlds they have never seen before.

Little Helmet Film Challenge has been made in cooperation with Media-avain. For tips on films that match the items on the list, check out the Media-avain online service (in Finnish) that focuses on films for children and young audiences. Tips are also available in the Helmet Film Challenges’ joint Facebook group.

Little Film Challenge 2021

1. A film based on a game

2. A film about friendship

3. A puppet or clay animation

4. A film set in Africa

5. A film featuring cleaning

6. A film suitable for all ages (age limit S)

7. A film related to Halloween

8. A film where a band is formed

9. A film based on a children’s book

10. A film featuring scenes underwater

11. A film about trains

12. A film about cats

13. A film with spellcasting

14. A dance film

15. A film featuring disguises

16. A film featuring winter sports

17. A film recommended by the library staff

18. A film released in 2021

19. A British film

20. A French film

21. A film whose music was composed by John Williams

22. A film with a first name in its title

23. A film set in Finland

24. A film featuring karaoke

25. A film set in the future

Printable version of The Little Film Challenge (PDF)

Pieni Helmet-elokuvahaaste

Helmets lilla filmutmaning

Малый киновызов Helmet

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