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The Helmet web library ( is a joint e-library service provided by the city libraries of Espoo, Helsinki, Kauniainen and Vantaa. The service contains city library contact details, opening hours and information on event and services. In addition, the Helmet web library contains a catalogue of the collections, information retrieval services, material descriptions and the possibility to use the customer's own information. The online service is provided in Finnish, Swedish, English and Russian. The Finnish website is the largest one.

Using the service

The edited content of the online service and the catalogue of collections can be used freely. Creating your own account requires a library card with a PIN. Browsing loans, renewing loans, reserving material, viewing borrowing history, making check lists, assessing materials, storing search statements and updating contact details are all functions of the customer account. Account usage is protected with SSL encryption. You can find further information on using the search function and your own account in the instructions for Helmet searches.

Service environment

The Helmet search (material search and user account information) is part of the city libraries’ joint library system (Description of information system provided by act on the openness of government activities). The system is supplied by Innovative Interfaces. The hosting service is provided by Tietoevry.

The joint application manager and maintenance team of city libraries manage matters related to the operation of the system and maintenance of the search function.

The Helmet search is not responsive, but will switch over to the mobile device version if the software identifies an Android or iOS mobile device.

The Helmet online service (library contact details, services and events) is a website produced in cooperation with the Metropolitan area city libraries. The supplier of the publishing system is Fujitsu Finland Oy, which is also responsible for the hosting service of the website. The online editor is responsible for the content of the website and the graphic designer / webmaster is responsible for the appearance of the service.The Helmet online service is responsive, which means that it adapts to the user’s device.

Online service data protection and cookies

A cookie is a small text file that the browser saves on your computer or mobile device when you visit an online service. Necessary cookies are needed for the website to function. Subject to the user’s consent, cookies that are not necessary for the operation of the site may also be used. Users can delete the cookies stored on the device in the settings of the browser they use.

The cookies are used to collect data about the visitors to the Helmet online service. These data are used to improve the user interface and experience and to create user count statistics.

The data collected to create user statistics are anonymised and cannot be linked to an individual person. Such data includes the page from which you arrived at the address of the online service, the service pages you have browsed and when, which browser you are using, what is the resolution and operating system of your screen and what is the IP address and regional location of your computer.

The site may include content by service providers not affiliated with the Helmet online service, such as embedded map services or social media channels. The owners of these services and channels are responsible for the privacy protection of the services and channels.

Cookie tool and cookie categories

The Helmet online service features a cookie tool. You can access the cookie tool when entering the site (pop-up window) or by clicking on the gear icon at the bottom left of the page.

When you enter the online service, you can allow all cookies or block cookies that are not necessary for the operation of the service. You can edit your preferences at any time through the Cookie settings tab of the cookie tool.

The cookies used on the online service are categorised into necessary cookies, preferences and analytical cookies. A cookie may be session-specific, in which case it will be deleted after you close the browser, or it may be stored on your device for longer. Cookies may be first-party or third-party cookies. First-party cookies are set by the website you are using (the Helmet online service). Third-party cookies are set by an external party.

You can find more detailed information about the Helmet online service’s cookie categories, the cookies in them and the validity period of each cookie by going to the Cookie declaration tab of the cookie tool.

The cookies necessary for the operation of the Helmet online service enable, for example, the reservation of materials, the renewal of loans and the maintenance of user sessions. You cannot disable necessary cookies.

Preference cookies are set by the video services Vimeo and YouTube. They are needed for you to be able to watch videos embedded on the pages. You can block Preference cookies through the Cookie settings tab of the cookie tool.

Analytical (statistical) cookies are used to develop the website. Helmet libraries use the Matomo visitor statistics service. Matomo cookies collect data on online visits and the visitors’ activities on the website. You can block Analytical cookies through the Cookie settings tab of the cookie tool.

Registering as a library user

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Data protection

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