Code and have fun with Lego boost!

In autumn 2020, Oodi organized four Lego Boost – workshops in Finnish and other four in English and Swedish. During the workshops, children both focused earnestly and laughed wholeheartedly and in the end, everybody wondered what awesome things the robot was able to do. In addition to the building the lego robots turned in to many different characters, children were able to program the robots themselves. That was easy and fun! 


Workshop started with dismantling old robots made by previous robot masterminds. After that, the first job was to build a rehearsal robot. Instructions for building the characters came from the iPads with Lego Boost application, provided by the library. Instructions are easy to follow; bricks are added with one or only few at the same time and the picture shows where new bricks belong in the current model. When this rehearsal robot is done, coding can begin. To connect the robot and the tablet, tap the big blue button. Now the funniest bit starts, where you are can make the robot move, blink lights and make funny noises.   

When it starts to feel like you have done enough coding, the next phase begins. During this additional parts are added, for example the cat gets a neck and a body, later on a tail and limbs. Every time a phase is finished, children can code and try what the robot is able to do now. After all of the three phases have been executed (basics, medium and difficult), one is able to build more characters. 

There are eight different models and each one has eight additional shapes. In the box there is an obstacle course, where one can try the robot’s skills of dodging or if they can save the lego characters and carry them to safety.