Visiting Oodi

Warmly welcome to the children’s section in Oodi!

In order to create a safe space for all visitors, kindly notice the following things:

  • Do not leave your child unattended. A parent/guardian is always responsible for their child.
  • Be considerate of the other visitors in the library: running and shouting are not allowed.
  • For the sake of accessibility and fire safety, prams and baby carriages are only to be parked at designated parking lots at the children’s section. Additional parking lots are located on the ground floor.
  • There is a number of shoe-free areas at the children’s section: the story room, the big carpets, and Playground Loru facilities.
  • Eating small snacks of your own is allowed in most premises inside the library, except in  restaurant and café, near computers and machines, and near the carpets and sofas at the children’s section. There is a microwave to heat up baby foods, located in the baby changing room.
  • The tables and chairs at the children’s section are primarily meant to be used by children and families. There are designated spots for studying and working with laptop elsewhere in the library (2nd and 3rd floors).
  • The library is a public space, so taking photos is basically allowed everywhere in the library. However, it would be courteous not to take photos of children without their parents’ permission.

Schools and kindergartens

School and kindergarten groups are warmly welcome to visit Oodi.  The above mentioned code of conduct applies to groups as well as families. 

The teacher/instructor is always responsible for their students. The library staff are happy to help you with any questions. For more information, please contact