Organizing public events in Mobile Library

Bring your events to Mobile Library!

Are you organizing community events, cultural fair or art festival for children? We would love to be part of them. Do you enjoy telling stories, singing, dancing or running workshops for kids, but there is no appropriate venue for your talent? Our mobile library Välkky is at your disposal, always free of charge inside the city limits of Espoo. Contact us and share your ideas. We will help you to make them happen!


Invite Mobile Library to become part of your event.  We will bring the mobile library with the best library service in the world, but we can also organize a little something extra, e.g. storytelling or workshop for kids. We willingly participate in different community and cultural events in the areas without a local library.  

Organize your event in Mobile Library. You can bring your show to our stage, organize a workshop or decorate the mobile library interior according to your event's theme. If you need more inspiration, there are plenty of photos about previous events in our flickr-account

Fill in a form to make a reservation request for your event.


Mobile library as an event venue

Mobile library is a compact event venue for 10-20 people at one time. 

Välkky is a mobile library especially designed for events. The removable book shelves allow more space for performers, participants and different kind of activities. The stage at the rear of the vehicle can be used for seated activities or children's performances. 


Välkky has a white screen, a video projector (HDMI, AppleTV) and audio playback (USB, CD, Bluetooth,  HDMI). In addition to general lighting system and colored led lights, there are roof top and rear windows for natural light. The blackout blinds are available for movies or video presentations, for example. You can also use bean bags for children, eight folding chairs and a small sofa.


How can I reserve Mobile Library for my event?

Contact us as early as possible, preferably at least six weeks in advance. This gives us enough time to prepare and market your event. Fill in a form to let us know how we can help you.


Remember to promote your event

When we have confirmed your reservation request, start marketing. Advertise the event in your social media accounts and other networks. You can add your event to the City of Espoo event calendar or suggest it to the media calendars, like Helsingin Sanomat Menokone and Media coverage of Southern Finland.In addition, we can promote events on the Mobile Library's website and social media networks. We need a high-quality photo and a short introduction text. Inform us well in advance, if you wish to advertise your event in our channels.  


Instructions for the Event Organiser

According to the Library Act, all events must be open, non-discriminatory and free of charge. We prioritize social, cultural and functional events. Commercial activities and business sales are prohibited. Political events are possible, but personal promotion of candidates is forbidden. The library may refuse to provide facilities at its discretion. The use of Mobile Library for events is free of charge.

Find a parking space for Mobile Library, and get a permission from the land owner. Consider also that the place is accessible for heavy transportation. Helmi and Välkky are 12m long, 3m wide, 3,6m tall and they weight 18 tons. Check that a safe access can be provided for customers and that the emergency exits will not be blocked. 

As the organizer or performer of the event you must have appropriate permissions on the visual and audio material you use. You can film and take photographs of your event, and publish them according to the public space restrictions. Remember that a parental permission is always required for minors under 18 years old. If media representatives have accepted your invitation, please inform us in advance.

Arrive early, so you have enough time to prepare everything. Inform us about cancellations and other changes as soon as possible.


Welcome to create memorable experiences in Mobile Library!