Get a library card from Otaniemi Library

Do you need a new Helmet library card or does your old one need a check-up? Registering for OR updating an existing card can be done in Otaniemi, whenever staff is present.

Otaniemi Library has staff at varying times, most often on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. If you see a note on the door that staff is present, knock on the window or call the library phone and we’ll let you in. Once you have your very own library card, you are free to come and go as you wish during the library’s self-service hours!

What do you need to get a card?

You only need to have and address in Finland and bring a valid photo ID with you. You can find more information on getting a Helmet library card here.

Sounds too complicated to find staffed hours?

Getting a library card is simpler when going to a larger library with standard staff service hours, such as TapiolaSelloIso Omena or Central Library Oodi.

And then I need to carry the card with me…

There’s a sure way to always have your library card and that’s to download Taskukirjasto (Pocket Library) app into your smart phone. They just sign in with the library card number and your personal pin number. After this you can get into self-service libraries, use the check out machines, reserve material and check the location of your holds with the barcode within the app. The app has many other uses, so read more about Taskukirjasto here.


Was the staff present -sign on the door and no one opened? In these and other cases, please let us know and help us learn by giving us feedback through Espoo city feedback channel.