Otaniemi, Espoo City's new branch library

A new library space has been opened in Otaniemi. The space will be supplemented in September with a new Helmet library for books, materials and equipment in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area Library Network. The space can be accessed and used, for example, for small group meetings on Mon-Fri from 7.45am to 4pm. Once the self-service hardware is installed, the library can be accessed in the evenings with the library card and its pin.

The library is in connection with the Otaniemi High School premises at Tietotie 6.

Background of the Library Project

Otaniemi high school students took the initiative to make the high school library a public library for everyone studying, living and traveling in the area. The idea was inspired by the teachers and the library staff. The use and operation of the space is being planned both now and in the future by representatives of the library, high school students, teachers and representatives of Aalto University.

Leading library educator Marjukka Peltonen says: “The goal is to develop a continuous, youthful engagement with the library. Youngsters involved in theatre and media are coming to inspire smaller ones by storytelling and book tips. Young people in the Mathematics and Science High School are planning a LuMa Help Center for the library, and a senior digital advisory service for high school students is underway. The social media of the library also makes the voice of young people well known. ”

Requests for material, technology, equipment and activities to be borrowed from the library should be addressed to Marjukka Peltonen, a leading library educator, marjukka.peltonen@espoo.fi

Welcome to the new library!