Small, but important customers

Every year on the last Friday of September is the national Baby’s Day. The day reminds us that babies bring light into our life. In libraries, babies are very important customers. Literature and books are something even small children enjoy. Poems and stories can be incorporated into everyday activities and become an important part of daily routines. Library storytime and baby poetry sessions support literacy and are good opportunity to meet other families.

Espoo City Library invites the smallest of Espoo citizens to the library. Maternity and child health clinics hand out personal invitations to new families with babies. When you visit the library with the invite, you receive a small gift. The campaign begins during October 2023 and encourages families to find their own way of using the library. Even a baby can have a library card and become an active customer. Library professionals are eager to help and offer advice on suitable material and library activities. We also like to remind parents about the importance of reading in your own native language. This supports language development and also promotes future language learning. It is possible to request material in your own language to your nearest library. The Lukulumo app, which can be used at the library, allows customers to read and listen to children’s books in 65 different languages.

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Please ask the library staff to help you find suitable books for your family. With babies and toddlers, all picture books support language learning if you discuss the illustrations. Colourful picture books are perfect for exploring images and learning new words.

Welcome to the library!