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Espoo libraries’ summer 1 June to 9 August

The Regional State Administrative Agency of Southern Finland has issued guidelines on the way libraries can be open starting from 1 June. Following these guidelines, the libraries in Espoo will take a step towards normal operations but unfortunately we still need to keep many restrictions in place.

We kindly ask for your understanding and patience. The purpose of all arrangements is to make sure that you can visit the library as safely as possible.

General information about safety

We still request that you only visit the library briefly and remember to keep safe distances to others. Hand hygiene is still important, and you should not visit the library if you are ill. All libraries are cleaned once a day, and the staff regularly clean all self-service devices and printers. We will happily tell you more about the services available and the safety arrangements that are in place.

Opening hours

The opening hours of Espoo’s libraries:

Entresse Library: Mon–Fri 8–20, Sat–Sun 10–17.
Iso Omena Library: Mon–Fri 7–21, Sat 8–18 and Sun 11–18.
Sello Library: Mon–Fri 8–20, Sat 10–18 and Sun 11–18.
Tapiola Library: Mon–Fri 8–20, Sat 9–16. The library will stay closed on Saturdays between 15 June and 9 August.
Pikkulaiva Library: Mon–Fri 8:30–20, Sat 10–17.

Karhusuo and Otaniemi Libraries will be closed from 19 June to 9 August 2020.

The mobile libraries will not be operating between 22 June and 2 August.

From 6 July are self-service libraries in Espoo open Mon-Fri 7-20 except Kalajärvi Library, which is open 7-18 and from 1 August 7-20. Self-service hours are 7-11 and 18-20.


Makerspaces and their equipment are not in use.

Our workstations are only available for using essential services. We have placed the workstations at a sufficient distance from each other. Cleaning supplies are also available, enabling our customers to clean the keyboards. Printing is possible.

Digital support (help with the use of digital devices, programs and online services) is available. However, our staff can only help you briefly and from a safe distance. Other kinds of guidance apart from digital support are not available. There are also many ways to get digital support remotely (website in Finnish).

We have removed half of the chairs in our meeting rooms, newspaper rooms and reading rooms to ensure safe distances. The music studios are available to clients who have already been introduced to their use. The meeting rooms may not be reserved for events with more than 50 participants. The stages are not available for use at all.

Children and young people can use the spaces reserved for them but they must be monitored more carefully than usual. Families and school children can participate in a Treasure Hunt (page is in Finnish) that includes a variety of tasks related to reading and the summer. You may even win a small prize!