Volunteer at a library

As a volunteer at a Helmet library, you can participate in arranging myriad activities. 

Volunteers at libraries can, for example, head a book club or a language club for adults, read fairy tales or books to children, arrange activities for the young (for example, gaming evenings), oversee a handicraft club, or arrange discussion evenings.

Volunteers act as, for example, supervisors of reading circles, library grannies and grandpas, handlers of reading education assistance dogs, readers of novels and fairy tales, as well as supervisors of handicraft and gaming clubs. You can also try out new forms of volunteer activities at the library. You can, furthermore, arrange activities in your mother tongue.

By providing volunteer activities, the library supports civic activity, participation, and sense of community. As a volunteer, you get to share your skills, learn new ones, and meet new people. Activities arranged by volunteers at the library will not replace the work conducted by library professionals.

How to join

You can join library volunteer activities for as long as you like. If you are interested in acting as a volunteer at the library, contact your own local library.

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