Volunteering at Espoo libraries

Language café or easy language café

The language café is a place for Finnish conversation on a chosen topic. As a volunteer you will be helping immigrants from different countries to practise Finnish. You can listen and make questions, advise and encourage. The language café is organised every Tuesday at Iso Omena Library at 5-6.30 p.m.

In the easy language café easy language news are read and listened to together. The participants are adult immigrants who practise understanding Finnish texts and talking about current topics. The easy language café is organised at Entresse Library on Thursdays 10 a.m. - noon.

Join in! For more information on the language café and the easy language café: jasmin.lappalainen@espoo.fi.

Book club host

Do you like to read a lot? Do you find it natural to discuss about what you’ve read? Library’s book clubs are gathering places for people interested in literature. We read a book that’s decided together and discuss it with a host. There are book clubs in different libraries at different times.

We’re searching for hosts and co-hosts. You don’t have to speak Finnish to join. The role of the host is to open the conversation, lead it on and make sure that everyone gets the chance to speak.

If you’re interested, contact us at satu.nylund@espoo.fi and we’ll gladly tell you more!

Reading dog or reading pet owner

Animal-assisted reading is an important form of volunteer work. Do you have a pet who would be suitable? A dog, a cat, a bunny, a tortoise, any other pet? Your pet should be in your control, should not be afraid of the noise of the library and should like humans (particularly children). Your pet can be perky and peppy. Personally, you should be interested in helping children struggling with reading in their early attempts. The schedule and the suitable library are agreed upon according to your wishes. You’ll get an introduction to the task. The library hopes your pet has taken some sort of an aptitude test to ensure they are happy to work as a volunteer. Please see Suomen Karva-Kaverit or Kennelliito for further details. For further questions contact kirjasto.lukukoira@espoo.fi.

Homework club instructor

The library is a place to spend time and do homework in for many school children. Sometimes, though, the children need help with the homework. Why don’t you come and help!

The homework club is an open club, where school children can ask help with their homework from the volunteers. The homework club is organised in different libraries on agreed dates. Volunteers commit to the club for one term at a time.

If you’re interested, contact ira.cottier@espoo.fi and we’ll gladly tell you more!

Makerspace instructor

The library’s makerspaces are meant for making! Can you sew, knit, crochet, felt, draw, make handicrafts, build or something else? Would you like to share your know-how by guiding others?

We’re looking for makerspace instructors to help especially children, young people and immigrant groups. You can also help patrons with machines in the makerspace, such as the vinyl cutter, 3D printers and sewing machines. We’ll give you an introduction to the machines. Join us!

More information on the makerspace: katja.lofgren@espoo.fi

Volunteering with organisations

Couldn’t find anything suitable for you? There are also different organisations and societies through which you can volunteer. Activities relating to learning and practising Finnish is organised by Luetaan yhdessä -network, The Finnish Red Cross and The Finnish Refugee Council. Digital support for the elderly is provided by Enter ry. Reading dog activity is organised by The Finnish Kennel Club.

More information:

Luetaan yhdessä -network 

The Finnish Red Cross, central Espoo branch 

The Finnish Refugee Council 

Enter ry. 

The Finnish Kennel Club

Photo: Katja Riihola/Etelä-Suomen Media