Audio recordings of Helsinki libraries centralised to eight libraries

This spring, the audio recordings of Helsinki libraries were relocated to eight libraries with established music library traditions. Centralising the recordings to a handful of specialist libraries enables the libraries to provide customers with a diverse and up-to-date collection and expert information services. The transfer of the recordings is part of a broader change.

The audio recordings of Helsinki City Library are placed in Pasila and Kannelmäki Libraries in the western area, Töölö Library in the south, Itäkeskus Library in the east and Malmi Library in the north. Kallio and Oulunkylä Libraries serve as responsible music units in the central area.

Additionally, a select collection of CDs and vinyl records will remain in Rikhardinkatu Library to complement music events held at the library. 

In addition to Rikhardinkatu Library, vinyl records can also be borrowed from Pasila and Itäkeskus Libraries.

Audio recordings can still be reserved at local libraries

The other libraries of Helsinki provide selections of audio recordings with changing themes, and customers can request themes from the staff. Customers can also reserve CDs and vinyl records from the collections of Helmet libraries at their local library free of charge.

The change does not apply to children’s music or audio books. 

Even though audio recordings are centralised to music libraries, all libraries provide other music materials, such as music-related books and magazines, sheet music and teaching materials.

Music library services being developed further

The transfer of the recordings is part of an overhaul of the music library services. The goal is for the services to be easy to access and to provide customers with a low-threshold opportunity to engage in creative activities. The main focus is on supporting musical hobbies and professional activities alike. 

Some of the music libraries enable customers to reserve practice or studio facilities and borrow instruments, for example. The libraries can also feature listening and reading clubs, musical coaching or informative music events with information services involved.

The services are produced for all age groups.The services are planned and implemented in co-operation with stakeholders and with customer participation.

Photo: Virpi Peltola - The City of Helsinki