Printing from the customer computers of Helsinki libraries 

Create a username for the printing service by clicking on the link "Print" on the desktop of the library's customer computer or at

Activate your account via the link sent to your email and save the PIN code given in the email. You can use the same PIN code for printing from customer computers at every branch of the Helsinki City Library.

To print from your own device, you will need the PIN code, the email address linked to your username and the password of your username.

To print from a customer computer:

1. Select the file or search for the website that you wish to print and click Print. The print settings window opens. 

You can change the print settings and, for example, choose to print only a specific page. 

The correct printer is chosen automatically.

2. In the print settings window, click Print. The PIN input window opens.

3. Enter your PIN and click Log in or press Enter. 

You can pick up all the printouts you have printed at the same time. If you wish to continue to use the computer, lock it before going to pick up your printouts.

If you no longer need the computer, please log out.

Pay for the printouts at the library's customer service desk. Printing costs €0.40 per page.